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My Eyes are My Asset
ro**** (ip:) 2022-06-16 15:55:51

I wore them immediately after receiving the lenses. I got so excited with them. I was going to use it the whole day so I needed to bring the lens case with the solution inside and the bottle of solution that came along with it. So far so good, they felt comfortable and I had no problems with it. This is usually a good sign for me. I used it yesterday, I rode a jeepney, tricycle, and motorcycle and this meant a lot of dust particles that could possibly enter my eyes! As much as possible, I always looked down or closed my eyes so nothing gets inside. I got to our campus, and mall fine, and the Eyesm lenses were still good! Now I had to battle the dry and cold air of the air conditioner. It’s pretty common for people wearing contact lenses to feel their eyes drying up. I’d drop an eye droplet once when I notice my eyes feeling dry. I was so happy because the Eyesm Contact Lenses were holding up. No pain at all, no drying, no nothing!

This pair is definitely comfortable and has served its purpose. This lens is easy to apply not too big, too soft, and too stiff. I had a clearer vision. What’s nice is their lenses are comfy to wear, I don't feel like wearing contact lenses at all. Lenses always have this sort of feeling that they’re there, and it just happens to be less pronounced with thinner and more breathable lenses. It's like having a second pair of eyes but without all the hassle.

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